Be a Writer for UT Democrats!

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Hello and welcome to UT Democrats! We are an online publication which is here to talk about the conflicting and ever shifting world of politics. We are always looking for new ideas and new voices to pipe up about their realm of politics.

Politics is a topic which requires the input of many in order to work. After all, politics are driven by ideas presented and even supported by the many. There are many forms of politics which exist in the world and each of them has different effects on the people they govern. In order to fully understand why certain events happen the way that they do, there needs to be frank and unbiased discussions about it.

That being said, we would like to put forward that we are looking for more people to become a part of our writing team!

Why Write for Us?

Build Your Writing Portfolio

Do you have plans on becoming a writer by profession? If so, you may want to build your writing portfolio as early as now. We would be happy to publish your articles and give you credit. We would also be wholly willing to write recommendations on your behalf.

Safe Space for Ideas

While we prefer unbiased views, we do respect the views that are shared on our site. If you would like a safe space for your political idea and are open to have them discussed, this is the place for you.

For any interested persons or parties, you are always welcome to reach us through the information provided in our very own contact page. We are always aiming to add new blood to our writing team and would highly appreciate applicants who want to express their thoughts about politics.